Share expenses with friends and family.

Keep track of shared expenses, make sure they are appropriately distributed between people, get a simple report telling you who owes what to who. Share expenses with your friends, edit from any synced device, and get notified whenever changes are made.

Spent makes it super easy to:

Spent is free and full featured for up to three users. If you need more participants, you can unlock the full version with a one time $1.99 in-app purchase.

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Spent is part of the Ensemble suite of apps.

Track expenses on the go

Spent's intuitive interface is perfect for entering expenses on the go.

No more searching for bills at the end of the trip, no more forgetting who had what for dinner, just enter your new expense with two taps as soon as it's paid.

Spent computes the balance immediately, which allows you to see in a glance who has spend the most, so that you can distribute future expenses fairly.

Manage complexe cases

When an expense must be evenly distributed between participants, you just have to enter its amount in the column of the person who paid.

But Spent also makes it super easy to track more complexe distributions.

Is somebody not involved in one expense? Just enter 0 in her column. Does somebody owe less or more than others for one expense? Enter the exact owed amount as a negative value, and Spent will split the remain between all other participants.

Sync with friends

Sharing expenses with friends and family is just a tap away.

Enable Sharing, tap "Invite friends", and Spent automatically composes an invitation email for you to send.

The event becomes synchronized as soon as they accept the invitation, allowing everybody to participate from the comfort of their own device.

Spent will notify you whenever an expense is added by one of your friends, so that you don't get any bad surprise at the end of the trip!

Get reimbursed

At the end of your event, tap the debt button to get a full balance report

The balance tells you exactly who owes what to who, and is optimized to simplify payements and reduce the money exchanged.

Share this balance by email, and get reimbursed faster than ever!